"Transformational coaching?             Seriously?

                         How L.A.!"

So why do most people feel that traditional therapy probably won't even help?  What value is there in exploring a childhood and just talking about my problem?


Although exploring your past is crucial in helping see where you're still holding onto those old patterns and belief systems, we're not going to stay there .. we're going to do whatever it takes to allow you to let it go, to feed the deep soul impulse toward change, responsibility, strength and Wholeness.  We're going to cultivate mindfulness and an awareness of when these patterns emerge in the moment, and help you recognize that at that point you can make a new choice.   Once you begin to let go of those old patterns holding you stuck in your narrative, your life, you can then open to new possibilities - to creating a foundation of meaning, cohesion and clarity that you choose.


This is an intimate relationship that keeps you focused and moving forward, or even standing still, with consciousness, awareness, open-heartedness, mindfulness and presence.  This is a dynamic, collaborative relationship, with a basis in transpersonal psychology, contemplative neuroscience, soul work from indigenous cultures, and insights into the workings of the mind from the contemplative disciplines of the East.  Encompassing elements of  traditional psychotherapy, this is a more fluid movement from the heart and mystery of transformation of the human spirit to practical world tools, skills, emotional healing and results.


​​Achieving Balance in an Unbalanced World​

Balance and wholeness are possible, even in the face of the stresses our culture and lives  We need, however, to redefine them as a dance of strength and suppleness, an ability to walk with clarity and awareness through the challenges of inevitable change. Building upon a foundation of meaning, we can support the deep feelings of acceptance, Presence .. of self-appreciation and self-love .. that are necessary to allow us to open to those moments of our lives that ask so much of us.


Where is it within the body, mind and spirit that we are pulling back from trusting that our strength, competence and ability to engage are enough to carry us through?  Where do you draw the line between what you are responsible for changing, and what you simply need to accept?  At all times, the counseling dynamic supports your evolution and ability to make these distinctions with compassion, humor, wisdom and unconditional love - you will feel supported and held as “whole” as you move toward a fuller expression of your authenticity....whatever that may be for you.​

The Magic of Mindfulness

Utilizing elements of Mindfulness, Meditation helps us control and understand the workings of the mind and ego, to become more conscious and aware of how our thinking and behaviors often work against our desired goals of peace, aliveness, connection and prosperity.